TeamSolve and Strategy Australia Collaborates to Extend Lily™’s Reach in Key Australian Industries

August 21, 2023

TeamSolve, the Singapore-based tech company behind the revolutionary Lily™ Digital Knowledge Companion AI Assistant, has partnered with Strategy Australia Pty. Ltd. to strategize on its expansion into the Australian market beyond water sectors. This strategic collaboration is set to target industries such as Renewables & Energy, Facilities Management (FM), Construction & Mining, and Agriculture, with a national geographic scope covering Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Lily™, TeamSolve’s flagship AI Assistant, has already secured 2 patents, showcasing its prowess in capturing and leveraging tacit human knowledge. With benefits spanning knowledge access & retention, efficient upskilling, and continuity in knowledge sharing, Lily™ is well-poised to transform the operational landscape of organizations across these industries.

The partnership’s objectives include:

  • Crafting a tailored go-to-market strategy for Lily™ in each targeted industry.
  • Identifying and securing trial sites to demonstrate Lily™’s impact in real-world scenarios.
  • Building new channel & strategic partnerships and supporting the nurturing of current and potential sales leads across the nation.


Strategy Australia Pty. Ltd., known for its expertise in aiding technology companies in business growth, is set to facilitate TeamSolve’s expansion efforts across these industries. With a track record spanning the target verticals, Strategy Australia’s involvement is expected to play a pivotal role in deepening Lily™’s penetration into the Australian market.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Robin Wong, Founder & CCO at

About TeamSolve: TeamSolve, headquartered in Singapore, is a pioneering tech company behind LilyTM—a Digital Knowledge Companion driven by Generative AI. TeamSolve is committed to reshaping knowledge management across industries globally.

About Strategy Australia Pty. Ltd.: Strategy Australia Pty. Ltd., a respected business services consultancy, specializes in aiding tech companies to achieve international trade objectives. With proven success, Strategy Australia is an ideal partner to consult for TeamSolve’s expansion in Australia.