About TeamSolve

Helping enterprises build a hybrid workforce that is ready for tomorrow’s challenges. 

Formed in 2022, TeamSolve is comprised of seasoned industry professionals that bring together over 80 years of diverse global experience and deep expertise, underscored by a proven track record in successfully developing, selling, and delivering multi-million digital solutions and large-scale digital transformation projects in leading utilities worldwide.  

Having roots in founding Visenti in 2011, TeamSolve is a pioneer in smart water analytics and digital water, building innovative solutions with the most forward-thinking utilities in the world.  

We have strong relationships with key utilities, industrial enterprises, consulting companies and IoT solution providers, backed by a firsthand understanding of user challenges in enterprise-wide digital transformation.   


Business continuity for enterprises in face of workforce shortages and employment continuity for workers in face of digitally transforming enterprises.


Equip Enterprises with a Hybrid-Workforce where Employees are Empowered by Digital Assistants


Improve the employability of people by empowering them with Intelligent Virtual Assistant that elevates their digital capabilities & effectiveness in a fast-changing digital workplace.


  • Care for People & Planet
  • Fair & Ethical
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Bold, Passion Driven & Purposeful
  • Doing the Best

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