TeamSolve closes 5 new deals in Singapore and Australia for Lily, its AI Co-pilot for the workforce

In conjunction with the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) Spotlight event, TeamSolve is thrilled to announce the signing of five new deals worth over 100KSGD in Singapore for LilyTM – our ground-breaking Operations & Maintenance (O&M) AI Co-pilot for the water sector. These exciting partnerships include customers from both the public and private sectors, ranging from utilities, O&M contractors, technology providers to consultants. We are very honored to have some of the most reputed names in the world of water as our early customers and are looking forward to serving them. 

LilyTM, our digital companion for the workforce, is rapidly gaining recognition and momentum within Southeast Asia and Oceania. Our early customers share a common vision in embracing LilyTM to improve workforce productivity, significantly reducing avoidable operational costs and streamlining staff onboarding and training through its user-friendly, human language interface. By becoming pioneers in the adoption of this ground-breaking AI platform for asset and operations management, these customers are reinforcing their commitment to enhancing business operations and supporting their workforce. In an era where the water sector is faced with the challenges of climate resilience, LilyTM emerges as a game changer, empowering organizations to achieve better security and sustainability by optimizing workforce performance and operational resilience. 

“The potential use cases for LilyTM extend across asset management and incident response,” says Robin Wong, Founder & CCO at TeamSolve. “Whether you are a field engineer grappling with a flash flood or responding to a malfunctioning pump, LilyTM saves you the trouble of going through years of historical records or hundreds of pages of troubleshooting guides. LilyTM finds the right information for you, guides you through the best response plan every step of the way – saving valuable time and minimizing water wastage and disruptions. Not just that, LilyTM will even learn from you how you solved that problem today to better assist in future emergencies. Simply put, LilyTM is that helping hand during operations that every engineer and every organisation has always wanted for better situational awareness.” 

TeamSolve is actively seeking additional partners and pilot opportunities to further expand Lily’s reach and impact. We welcome organizations who share our vision for harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize the water sector and drive meaningful change. 

To discuss how LilyTM can assist you in your operations, reach out via: